"JMWS" [Japan Early Missile Warning System]
"Available September 2017"

日本 Missile Warning #1 Early Warning System against North Korea Attack.

OUR TECH How does it work?

J-Alert alarm system

Our system integrates Telemetry Data from the Japanese communications satellite "Superbird B-2" which then gets transmitted directly to you.

API satellite data system

Our system integrates a secure government channel "JSON" API System integrating it into the Local L-Alert System for faster response.

ALGORITHM processing

Our state of the art algorithm processes the incoming data api which then is pushed directly as APK towards your iOS Device.

Features control setting

Alert across all devices

In case of a Ballistic Missile Attack, our app will deliver an Early Alert Warning System that will ring across your IOS Devices.

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Share Location find a shelter

Share your location to find your loved ones and be found in case of a terrorist attack. Our system integrates an easy to use location sharing.

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Emergency Radio live

Tune in & get instant news directly from the Japan Emergency Broadcast System "LIVE" the fastest and easiest way to access information

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How does it work

PDF offline manuals

The Secretarial cabinet of Civic Protection Agency released special PDF documents providing detailed instructions in case of an attack.

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Social Media integration

Social Media chat integration system to easily communicate with other users across our network.

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Bluetooth offline chat

Offline bluetooth integrated system to communicate via "UHF" radio waves in case of no Cell Tower/Wifi Reception

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Available now for IOS Devices July 2017

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Report Emergencies map

In case of attack users will be able to report emergencies and share it

News Alerts rss feed

Set up news alerts for any North Korean/Japan related news. Stay updated.

Facebook/Twitter Integration

Users will be able to share live updates and emergency reports via social api

Track Survivors Bulleting

In case of missing people set up a survivor tracking alert to find them.

SMS alerts

Increase your chances of receiving alerts that could save your life.

English live emergency radio

Foreigners living in japan can access the american forces network live.

For less than a bottle of tea

For less than $200 Yen you and your loved ones can add extra security, receive real-time alerts, and prepare ahead for war threats against Japan! How much is your life worth?

Time to evacuate

North Korean ballistic missiles can reach Japan in less than 15 minutes. Downloading our app increases your chances to finding shelters, reaching family members and having access to PDF survival manuals with you at all times

20 Second Alert System giving the user time to prepare !

J-Alert emergency system

Receive a 20 Second Alert as soon as the
J-Alert System Emergency has initiated.

Social Media api

Share your current location and report alerts and warnings across social media networks.

Report a catastrophy near you

Have you been affected? Make a report
and warn other users nearby.

Missing Person tracker

In the case that you can’t find your friends and family follow our guide to report missing persons.

Report an injury and severity of destruction

Imagine you are in Shinjuku Station when a Ballistic Missile has destroyed part of the station. As a survivor it is your duty to report and alert your friends and family of the destruction to prevent more casualties.

Missing Person Tracker

In case of a Ballistic Missile attack on Japan, our integrated response system initiates a " Missing Person Tracker”. For less than a bottle of water you can save and track the location of your loved ones.

Evacuation Zones

Let "JMWS" give you peace of mind. Stay rest assured there are safe bunkers nearby you let us help you find them

Shelter Constantly

Our growing list of shelters and evacuation zones are constantly expanding to biological and nuclear bomb shelters.

Evacuation zones map

The largest Evacuation, Shelter, Nuclear and Biological map of Japan in the app store. In case of a terrorist attack our app will navigate you to the closest shelters and evacuation routes in your area.

Tune in to up to 6 channels Zones

In case of an emergency some channels might not be fully available.

English Emergency Live video

Foreigners living in japan can access the American Forces network Live Broadcast.

Live Emergency radio

In case of an emergency there is not time to waste! The fastest way to access information is by tuning in to our Live Emergency Radio System. Don’y waste any time. This information could save your life.

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Bluetooth offline chat

Bluetooth chat systems were implemented during Natural Catastrophies, providing communication support for up to hundreds of thousands of people in Ecuador and Indonesia.

Technology implementation network

Our internal proprietary system uses Wireless Mesh Networking technology using WIFI, BLUETOOTH Peer to Peer communication.

Be notified for app updates !

Stay up to date on our latest features that could be crucial for your survival. Our team of dedicated designers and engineers are working overtime for you!

North Korea Japan threat

Less than 10 Minutes to act in case of attack !

A ballistic missile fired from North Korea takes less than 10 minutes to reach inland Japan. This poses a real threat against the Japanese people. Prepare yourself! Act responsible!

North Korea regime is a real threat !

The unstable military regime of North Korea poses a great threat to Japan and the United States. Our goal is to inform and protect innocent civilians against casualties of war.

Our app can save your life !

For less than a bag of chips, our app can make a real difference in an act of war against Japan. Our main objective is to prepare citizens and create feasible solutions against acts of terrorism.

Thank You for your support !

Supporting our app helps our tech startup hire more creative talent, increase our server capacity, and bring you more innovative and creative solutions to the industry

North Korean missile threat is a real danger to Japan


Japan’s missile threat is a real danger to Japan’s soverignity, in 1998 North Korea fired a Taepodong-1 ballistic missile that crossed over Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean starting , since then North Korea has minutirized it’s nuclear missile capabilities therefore Japan and United States face an unprecedented Biological and Nuclear attack at any moment.

Since the beggining of 2017 North Korea has launches 7 missile tests towards the sea of Japan landing only a few miles from the coastline, this threat needs to be taken very seriously, therefore our team has decided to come up with a contingency plan to prevent death

7 missile assaults since 2017.

On March 17, 2017, Japan held the first ever evacuation drill after North Korean missile tests, reinforcing the real threat that Japan faces against North Korean volatile regime.

On may 14th 2017 North Korea fired it’s first intercontinental missile that traveled up to 2000km into Earth’s lower orbit, if the missile was to be fired in a standar trayectory instead of a high trajectory it would had traveled up to 6000km reaching as far as California.

North korea possesses uranium mines containing an estimated 4 million tons of high grade uranium ore; The Institute for Science and International Security estimates that North Korea poseses an estimate of 12-27 nuclear weapon equivalents including plutonium and uranium, each weapon is said to contain 20 kilotons of uranium.

Read more conflict Youtube Video Gallery


"Kim Jong Un Supreme Leader of North Korea"

Numerous succesful missiles and serious provocations to United States and Japan, missiles reaching as far as the lower orbit within minutes, there is enough evidence now to take this war provocations very seriously, currently Japan and the United States Government protects Japanese citizens with the PAC-3 surface to air missile defense system. Our application’s goal is to enhance to that security and add an extra layer of security that could be life saving in case of a major terrorist attack against Japan.

Currently there isn’t anything close to that in the market, our core team of developers living in Tokyo has taken our worries about this situation and create a feassable solution to prevent the looses of thousands if not millions of people in the act of war against Japan.

“Biological Weapon Stockpile”

The North Korean regime is known to have a stockpile of about 5,000 metric tons of chemical weapons, reported by the International Crisis, Group, including sarin, mustard gas and other nerve chemical weapons.

atellite images showned North Korean forces preparing to operate in contaminated environments regularly in chemical defense operations training, therefore confirming North Korea, continues to develop it’s biological research capabilities, contrary to it’s obligation under the Biological and Toxins Weapons Convention.

North Korean missiles can be fitted with nuclear and biological weapons, including the Rodong-1 missile,

most suitable nuclear weapons delivery system is the Rodong-1, which has been successfully tested numerous times.

There is enough indication of a possible near war conflict with North Korea, preventing and reasurring solutions before the catastrophe could save the lives of many Japanese



Japan Missile Alert APP is developed with at Meta Studios Creative Agency, in the heart of the fashion district, Harajuku, Shibuya Japan.

Our team is made up of Graphic Designers, App Developers, Programmers, Web Developers and Photographers, we combined all of our expertize to create an interactive creative digital advertisement agency.

Our company was established in San Francisco, California and is now expanding to the heart of Tokyo, Japan.

Our goal is to develop apps and creative content solutions incorporating state of the art multimedia interactive experiences.

Have an idea? Want to come meet us? Come by and visit us!


  • Phone:+81 3-6892-4040

  • Email:cxo@metastudios.jp, info@metastudios.jp

  • Date of Incorporation April 4th, 2017

  • Initial Capital
    ¥ 1,00,000

  • Representative Director: Guillermo Roberto Alarcon

  • Business
    Software and Advertisement, Creative Advertisement, 4K Cinema and Graphic Design.

  • Projects
    JMWS Japan Early Missile Warning System – Japan Missile Warning app Byte E-Menu POS App – Multimedia Digital Media Kiosk Platform app.

  • Bank References
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation



C R E A T I V E D I R E C T O R クリエイティブディレクター

Founder and CEO of Meta Studios, Head of UI & UX Department, IOS Engineer and lover of simple & interactive 3D futuristic design. Constantly foreseeing future innovations and creative solutions, expanding the boundaries of medium and format.

His friends call him “Memo”. He spends most of his time exploring Ancient sites, astrophotography, learning languages and exploring Virtual Reality.


J A P A N O P E R A T I O N S M A N A G E R オペレーティングマネージャー

Hayato is crucial to the development of Meta Studios in Japan. With more than 10+ years experience in programming, cloud systems architecture, and company management, Hayato currently leads the Japanese Management division in our Tokyo Headquarters.

Hayato-san is an avid electronic music producer, onsen explorer, and outdoor enthusiast.


C T O / C O N T E N T D E V E L O P E R コンテンツ開発

Ian Rever is a social media content developer and communications strategist. He is multilingual with profound expertise in Japanese culture.

Ian is the former founder of a sound rental company in California, with one of the biggest Funktion-One inventory in the Americas.


V I S U A L I M A G E D E V E L O P E R ビジュアルイメージ制作

Rafael, born in Barcelona and raised in Chile, has been working for Meta Studios since its inception in San Francisco leading the Photogrammetry division of 3D point base cloud data geared towards our upcoming Byte Software POS Menu Kiosk restaurant application.

Rafa spends most of his weekends chasing natural wonders with his camera and cooking delicious Chilean food.


E X E C U T I V E P R O D U C E R 製作責任者

Hideyo, a famous Worldwide electronic producer and performer, plays a crucial role in Meta Studios’ inception in Tokyo, Japan. Its vast network of fashion and entertainment industry insights empowers our company to deliver our products to the industry.

Hideyo currently lives between Ibiza and Japan, performing in fashion and music festivals around the World.

Questions and answers

Feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

Are you looking for investors?

YES.. Our Design Studio is currently looking for Venture Capitalist and Investors interested in becoming part of our company and our future product developments.

Do you provide customer support?

Yes we are in the process of establishing a customer support data center, meanwhile all questions and technical support can be answered by Email.

Is this a Japanese Company?

YES. Our studio was formed in San Francisco. California and now are a public registered company based in Tokyo,Japan with Japanese and American staff.

Is our app Government backed program?

NO.. But we are definitely in the process of applying for grants and support from the Japanese Government.

How do i download your app for free?

The first 2.000 Downloads will be given for free, if you are a low income applicant you can apply by Email for a full discount.

Will our app expand?

Yes we are looking forward to add new functions and features, as well as adding Earthquake and Tsunami Alerts.

Statistical data analysis

How long will a missile take to reach Japan?

Several minutes.. Its estimated a ballistic missile could take an proximately less than 10 minutes to reach mainland Japan and less than 4 minutes to prepare before the missile hits.

Most Japanese are unaware of the real danger.

Large percentage of Japanese population are aware of the threat but have not taken a serious approach to prepare and investigate what to do in the case of a nuclear and or biological attack.

Our app let’s you find shelters to increase survival

Death is likely if exposed to radiation in an open air environment within a radius of 0.3km from a 1 megaton airburts, finding a reinforced concrete shelter increases your survival rate to 80%

A nuclear Warhead could kill millions of people.

The North Korean regime is known to be enriching uranium, therefore increasing it’s threat Japan and it’s allies, a nuclear equipped warhead could potentially killed millions of people in a mayor city like Tokyo or Osaka.

Can you survive a nuclear blast?

Akiko Takakura survived a 16kt atomic bomb at only 300 meters away from the hypo center, due to her being in the lobby of a bank with reinforced concrete, contrary people outside were killed in less than 2 seconds.

Electromagnetic pulse can disrupt all communications

A nuclear attack can create an electromagnetic pulse disabling all communications, our app includes off line PDF manuals in how to prepare in case of an emergency situation, it also has the option to save shelter maps.

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Running cost

Why isn’t your app free?

We are an independent design studio with no affiliations to any government agency or investors support, therefore our application was solely built and distributed using our own capital investment.

Running cost to Design, Develop and maintain an application of this magnitude is in the thousands of JPY, our products, depends in users like you! To help our design studio build and maintain running costs and deliver you future products and upgrades.

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Interested in supporting our design studio’s future projects and help us maintain server costs and functionality? Please make a donation directly; cxo@metastudios.jp Thank You!

What are the running costs?

Our app servers and system architecture are in the hundreds of thousands of JPY,, in order to maintain our products we encourage the public to support us.

Studio Staff and Development

Your app support helps to maintain our in-house programmers and designers, as well as our marketing and customer support department.


Your app download support, helps our studio promote our app advertisement, street promotions, magazines and newspaper advertisement solutions,

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